How will the gaming industry shape up in the next 10 years

The gaming industry is headed towards uncharted territory.

Predictions about how technology might evolve have always been inaccurate, as people are always deviating from the intended use of the existing creations. However, it is delightful to explore and push the limits and then take a backseat as we watch the future unfold. Below are the predictions on how the gaming world will shape up in ten years.

1. Immersive gaming: The return of 3D games

The revival of 3D technology gives us a glimpse into the future of gaming. With films like Avatar already in existence the gaming screens are about to take a turn. In future, it is highly likely that it will be difficult to differentiate a real life scene from a gaming scene.

2. Virtual reality comeback

Virtual Reality is resurfacing back into the gaming world, only which this time it comes with improved hardware capabilities. Virtual reality games incorporating 3D aspects are bound to become more popular in the future.

3. Secondary devices

The existing games devices will slowly be replaced by gaming screens likely built in touch screens with multiple screens exclusively for playing games.

4. Cheap to build, cheap to buy games

With the current availability of games in the market today, the future is likely to be open source whereby games will be extremely cheap to build and buy

5. Augmented reality

In future games will let the players interact with the surrounding by providing additional information either digitally or in real life where players might need to shoot targets seen around them.

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